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Explores the rise of Arab and Jewish nationalism and statehood and discusses and debates topics such as:

•    Nationalism, Jewish Nationalism (Zionism) and Arab Nationalism 
•    World War I and Israel-Palestine 
•    The Paris Peace Conference and Israel-Palestine
•    The Mandate for Palestine. 

Lesson 2 Videos

Episode #5 The Rise of Arab & Jewish Nationalism

In this episode, we explain how the 19th century saw the rise of both Jewish and Arab nationalist movements. We describe the inception of Zionism and how it grew out of a need to address growing anti-semitism. We’ll also explain how Arab intellectuals were imagining a powerful political union between all Arab states, and how these two political movements would eventually meet in Israel-Palestine.


Episode #6 WWI & Israel-Palestine

Following the last episode of IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers, Richard Bass explains how Arab and Jewish Nationalism were shaped by World War I. In order to achieve their goals of statehood, both Arab and Jewish people looked to the British for support. However, controversy was not far away, as these alliances would come to overlap when the British pledged land to both groups, creating a conflict for years to come. 


Episode #7 The Paris Peace Conference & Israel Palestine

In this episode, Richard Bass gives us an insight into the Paris Peace Conference, a gathering that had profound effects on borders, and sovereignty throughout Europe and the Middle East. Representatives of the Zionist movement and the Arab delegation were present and made the case for Nationhood. But, despite their accord at the Conference, many significant questions were left unanswered. 


Episode #8 The British Mandate

In this last episode of Season 1 of IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers, Richard Bass discusses the ways in which the Allied Powers remapped the Middle East and designated Palestine as the Jewish national home. We explain the revolt that ensued, and the British government’s proposed resolution. But with growing Nazi power, and the war afoot, circumstances only intensified in the region.


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